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“…Organic Waste Converter from Excel. We take garbage from the market and, instead of (moving) it to the outskirts of the city, we convert this into manure. And we sell this manure (after) 30 days at Rs. 3 per KG.”

Mr. RameshChief Engineer, BBMP West zone.

Magic of conversion. The natural way.

Useful for hotels, restaurants, canteens, clubs and apartments. All organic waste can be converted in the OWC with the addition of a single scoop of Bioculum (or trademark mix of biological inoculum) and converted safely and odourlessly in a few minutes to a homogenous, raw compost. It is ground, mixed and fluidized with air within the machine altering the texture completely. The material is collected and placed in the curing system trays. In the curing shelves, it is aired and pumped with small amounts of moisture or 15 days leading to the final product. This compost can be used for kitchen gardening or landscaping.

The high quality compost specifications: pH of 7; C:N ratio of 15:1, Organic matter 40%.

Pioneering in environmentally-conscious waste disposal

Bioneer treats all kinds of organic waste like raw food waste, cooked food waste, vegetarian food waste, non-vegetarian food waste, fruit waste and garden waste. Bioneer gives output within 24 hours. After drying in the sun, this high quality compost is ready to be used in your kitchen garden, organic farming or urban agriculture.

News coverage withBBMP Chief Engineer, Mr. Ramesh

Success of the OWC machine attested to by BBMP’s Chief Engineer Mr. Ramesh after it’s installation for the purposes of disposing massive amounts of waste being generated by the Malleswaram vegetable market.100 Kgs of waste are processed in 15 minutes giving a homogenized odour-free raw compost. Therefore, the market’s organic waste is disposed of on-site, converted into stable organic fertilizer in 1 month and sold to farmers.

Protect the children today, for a better tomorrow

How your apartment association or society can prevent disease by having an Organic Waste Converter installed.

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