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Hi, we are Vennar!

Leaders in Organic Waste Converters – Bangalore and Chennai.

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Hello and welcome

We at Vennar take pride in our State-of-the-art superior eco-friendly technology. The Organic Waste Converter (OWC) produces organic manure by the time-tested aerobic composting method of Bio-Conversion. Say goodbye to all the waste in your campus and say Hello to the cleanest, greenest premises you have ever had!


We have branches in Chennai & Bangalore.

Organic waste converters

One-of-a-kind, easy-to-use machine that converts your organic waste into stable organic fertilizer. It is quick, efficient and odour-free. Vennar’s maintenance makes this machine your best investment yet!

Say goodbye to all your garbage today

The right fit

The various OWC models and their organic waste processing capacities:
OWC 30: upto 200 kgs/ Day
OWC 60: from 200 – 400 kgs/Day
OWC 130: from 400 – 800 kgs/Day
OWC 300: from 800 – 2500 kgs/Day
OWC 500: from 2500 – 4500 kgs/Day


Vennar has the best service in the field, par none. Vennar representatives train your existing housekeeping staff. Training includes How residents should segregate at source and Handling various segregated materials.

The process

The Organic Waste is converted into smooth, homogenized, odour-free raw compost within 15 minutes through a biomechanical process.

 The curing system stabilizes the raw compost through controlled aerobic microbial decomposition. The system doesn’t draw on electricity to produce the heat that is so crucial to the decomposition process. The heat is generated instrinsically by bacteria of the thermophilic variety. This simply means that the resulting fertilizer is microbial-rich and full of nutrients. The fertilizer is ready within two weeks which can be used immediately in your gardens and for all your landscaping needs.

 Since the input is heterogenous, you will have more nutrients in the fertilizer output.

Who we are…

We at Vennar Organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. are proud of being the sole distributors for Karnataka & Tamil Nadu for the Organic Waste Converter machines, manufactured by Excel Industries Ltd. Excel Industries is a principal pioneer in scientific waste disposal systems since 1960. Overflowing dump yards cause foul smells, growth of insects and various diseases that spread rapidly. Also, the increasing scarcity of landfills is a major worry. A mechanism for disposal of waste at the source itself has now become the need of the hour. Awareness of this has made reputed Residential and Commercial Builders, Hotels, Clubs, Malls, Universities and leading IT / Manufacturing companies procure, install and commission our OWC machine in Bangalore & Chennai giving a thoroughly satisfied performance feedback.

Why we are the best…

The OWC provides a sustainable solution for disposal of organic waste scientifically and processes waste generated from 100kgs/per day upto 5 metric tons/per day. Procuring this machine is a pathway towards Cleaner, Greener & Healthier Living initiative and serves as a major value-added amenity for ALL your projects and campuses. The Organic Waste Converters from Vennar are MODULAR. This means that the machine runs uninterrupted. Because waste generation never has a holiday.

 Vennar is the only company that has recruited around 20 B.Sc.-Ag and M.Sc.-Ag officers and conducted farm trials in all the districts of Karnataka and on almost all crop types. This was done to promote awareness about compost produced from municipal solid waste. We have thus demonstrated to farmers all over Karnataka that this can improve their soils, reduce their input costs and consequently improve their bottomline.

What we do…

M/s. Excel Industries Ltd, Mumbai has pioneered various methods of waste management in India. With this quest they released “Organic Waste Converters (OWC)”. The OWC is dedicated to decentralized solid waste management and is the correct method and the only long-term solution in the rapidly changing Indian perspective. Ever since the OWC release in 2006, Vennar has held sole distributorship (sales & services) for the state of Karnataka, and subsequently in Tamil Nadu as well. Today, we are humbled by the various organizations on our ever-growing clientele.

The market has been growing slowly but steadily. The residents of Bangalore and Chennai are quite sensitive about the dangerous effects of poorly handled ecology and the movement towards environmental protection grows strongly. We at Vennar work very closely with the developers, companies, Govt, NGO’s etc. and are passionately dedicated to being part of the change that we wish to see.

Our clientele

Our long list of satisfied clients speaks for itself.

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