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OWC: Organic Waste Converter Machine

Easy to use

The Organic Waste Converter is a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use machine that converts your organic waste into stable organic fertilizer.

Completely odourless

It is quick, efficient and completely odour-free. The compost created by the OWC is stable, organic and full of nutrients.

Maintenance handled

Vennar’s qualified and experienced team of maintenance professionals makes the OWC your best investment yet.

Aerobic composting

Aerobic composting method which has proven to be an effective method to kill pathogens, save nutrients and protect useful microbes.

Happy clientele

Decade-long experience and many happy clients makes Vennar the market leader in the field of Organic waste converters. Click here for client list.

What input is right for the OWC

Input can be 50% wet waste and 50% dry garden waste. Add 1 kg of Bioculum™ and the OWC is ready to be switched on. The Organic Waste is converted into smooth, homogenized, odour-free raw compost within 15 minutes through a biomechanical process.

How the raw compost is cured

The curing system stabilizes the raw compost through controlled aerobic microbial decomposition. The system doesn’t draw on electricity to produce the heat that is so crucial to the decomposition process.

The heat is generated instrinsically by bacteria of the thermophilic variety. This simply means that the resulting fertilizer is microbial-rich and full of nutrients.

How the cured compost is used

The fertilizer is ready within two weeks which can be used immediately in your gardens and for all your landscaping needs. Since the input is heterogenous, you will have more nutrients in the fertilizer output.

Operation & Maintenance

Package 1


Vennar representatives train your existing housekeeping staff. Training includes how residents should segregate at source and how to handle various segregated materials.


Operated daily by the trained housekeeping staff, with the supervision and cooperation of residents.


Maintenance and repairs handled by Vennar.

Package 2


Vennar representatives will train NGO personnel to control and operate the system.


Vennar representatives will arrange for NGOs to operate and dispose of all other waste, as per statutory guidelines and requirements.


Maintenance and repairs handled by Vennar.